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Compressed Towel
  • 2016-09-27 16:44:18
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Compressed towel is a brand new product popular in recent years, which fills towel with new functions of appreciation, gift, collection, giving and heath prevention. At present, it is a very popular towel.


Compressed towel is a totally new product with minute extension. It is a beautiful, healthy and handy towel, which gives towel new vitality, improving the grade of the products. After products put on trial production, it is warmly welcomed by the vast number of consumers.



Compressed towel is easy to carry , small and exquisite , novel and chic , clean sanitation , etc, having become the necessities for people on travel and business trip. Compressed can also remove peoples concern on towel. Whats more, it can also be presented as a gift.



The usage of compressed towel is very easy. Compressed towel is pure cotton towel with  functions of cleaning sanitation , easy to carry and skin beauty. It is reusable. It expands to a small square when it is put into water.



Compressed towel is pretty small and exquisite and easy to use.Meanwhile, it uses ultraviolet ray to disinfect, which effectively avoids product contamination. Users can use it safely.



It is generally disposable. In general, it owns same functions with normal towel. But it is small and exquisite and also handy.

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